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Engaging with Junior's is one of key objectives. Enabling access to the game is fundamental to the present and future success of Jewish golf, whilst being pivotal to the sustainability of the sport within our Community.
The below outlines a pathway that we have designed, to ensure juniors have a clear way that they can access the game.

(UK) Junior Programme: Programs
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In 2021, we took golf into a Jewish school for the first time as part of the curriculum and delivered a small number of Introduction to Golf sessions. They were  successfully delivered to 20 children in Year 5 of Etz Chaim Primary School (Mill Hill).

The sessions were run by James Noakes (PGA Professional) and Jordan Sapler (Head of Sport, Maccabi GB). Our Partners, The Golf Foundation provided a clear programme, a small grant and subsidised the cost of the equipment.

The programme has been specially designed to be an enjoyable introduction to golf, filled with games and opportunities for the students to get a feel for the game.

In the 2021-22 school year, we will be delivering 15 sessions a week across 3 different Primary Schools in North London, for at least 5 weeks. The school's include Etz Chaim Primary School,  Independent Jewish Day School and Torah Teminah Primary School. The sessions will be delivered to children in years 2 - 6 inclusive. Expected to engage with over 300 children a week.

We are continuing to look for additional school's to work with across the UK.

The JGI's intention is to ensure there are no additional costs to the school, in order to ensure the lessons are accessible to its students. For example, The JGI would like to acquire a set of equipment for each school which costs £350.

We therefore ask for your generosity to support this programme.

(UK) Junior Programme: About Us
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In addition to the School Lessons, we will be delivering private after school clubs. These will be delivered either by a PGA Professional or a Maccabi GB sports coach. The JGI is keen to reduce the cost on students (and their parents...!!) by subsidising these sessions.

(UK) Junior Programme: About Us


In 2022, on the back of the Introduction to Golf School Lessons, we are hoping to host an Inter-School Golf competition!
Whilst the format, time, date and location are TBC, we intend to make it accessible to all.
Unsurprisingly, we are also trying to reduce the cost to students (their parents) and the school's. If you are able to support, we would be extremely grateful.

(UK) Junior Programme: About Us
Miniature Golf Balls


James Noakes (PGA Professional) has successfully been running The Junior Academy at Dyrham Park Country Club for a number of years.

The Academy includes school holiday camps & weekend clinics.

The JGI would like to support The Junior Academy by making it as accessible as possible, by supporting those who are unable to afford to attend and increasing the number of places available.

The Academy run throughout the year during school holidays and on weekends.

(UK) Junior Programme: About Us
Support Group


The JGI would love to enable access to the game, for all. There should be no barriers, preventing someone from playing golf.

We are designing a Scholarship programme with our Partner's to ensure select juniors can be provided with a scholarship. It will include membership at a Golf Club, lessons and other benefits to ensure they are able to improve their game.

We continue to look for both candidates and sponsors of this programme.

(UK) Junior Programme: About Us


The Streetwise Leadership programme provides individuals with the opportunity to become a UK Sports Leader. We are working with the team, and our Partners, to create a tailored golf pathway for those who would like to be involved. It is an outstanding programme and highly recommended.

Other opportunities include mentoring by and networking with members of The JGI platform, volunteering and work experience within the golf industry.

We are also working with a Global Brand to present an opportunity for elite amateur golfers to be proposed for potential sponsorship and collaboration.

(UK) Junior Programme: About Us
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